Expert Cladding and Maintenance Specialists

Elite Exteriors is a cladding and property maintenance specialty company founded by Shafraz Shah as a merging of multiple single-specialty businesses.

With over 20 years of experience in Auckland’s construction industry, Shafraz Shah started out working amongst the leaders of his field with his uncle’s construction firm. It all began there as a youngster on a mission to conquer an industry. Over the decades Shafraz has progressively worked to broaden his capabilities within the industry, focusing on honing his plastering/cladding whilst also exploring other interests in property maintenance and providing his clients with a variety of options and opportunities for their home/building.

Having merged these interests under the one umbrella, Elite Exteriors works to supply a service to a growing gap in the industry. Our staff are trained in all aspects of exterior finishes, and building maintenance and refurbishment to ensure your service is the best in the field.

Increasing his repertoire of specialties and qualifications, Shafraz Shah ensures all workers are qualified professionals in their aspect of home refurbishment/finishing trained under his specialist eye. Including the top professionals working within the team, Elite Exteriors also ensures use of the best materials available to provide you with the best service in the field.

With a name in the industry from his original company (SA Plasterers), Shafraz Shah has created in Elite Exteriors a forward thinking company with a passion for the construction industry and providing the highest level of care and workmanship to every individual client. Along with ensuring the use of the best products and the craftsmanship of our workers, we place utmost importance in our client’s satisfaction. Here at Elite Exteriors, we value every one of our clients. Every client is personally met by Shafraz Shah, who will sit down to discuss with you your wants and needs for your property and the services Elite can offer.