How Does Plastering Walls Enhance The Longevity of Your Home?

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Whether you plan to enhance the aesthetic appeal or smooth the rough surfaces, plastering the walls increases overall longevity. Professional plastering makes the wall appealing, easy to paint and gives a finer surface. From luxurious royal palaces to humble abodes, plastering has delivered exceptional functionality everywhere.

The Venetian plasters, for example, create a highly opulent and extravagant surface. On the other hand, cement plastering is commonly used for homes to cover the bricks and create a smooth wall. Hiring experienced and highly professional Auckland plasterers is an effective way to plaster walls and ensure their longevity. Let’s get to know more about how plastering improves a home. 

Benefits of plastering walls of your home

Before jumping into the benefits, knowing what exactly plastering is crucial. It is a material that is generally lime, gypsum, or cement that is mixed with water and sand. Plastering helps with covering, protecting, and even decorating walls or ceilings. Here are some of the benefits of plastering the walls:

Protects the wall against moisture 

Have you noticed the growth of mold and mildew on your walls? Is a damp odour plaguing your home? This might be a result of moisture infiltration into the walls. If the walls are not well plastered, it causes water leakage and dampness. Plastering walls is highly effective and acts as a barrier against moisture. As it creates a barrier, it prevents seepage and reduces the chances of structural damage. It helps keep a healthy indoor environment without the growth of mold and mildew. 

Stronger structural foundation 

Drywalls are much thinner as compared to plastered walls. Plastering material over walls increases the thickness of the wall and enhances the structural integrity. The plaster is applied over the existing foundation like brick and concrete, adding an additional layer of protection. It prevents the occurrence of cracks, and fissures, and helps with overall longevity. Also, the appearance of cracks or weathers can be fixed by plastering the wall surface.  

Improves the overall appeal 

Plastering is one of the easiest ways to create decorative walls as well as ceilings. As it provides a stable and uniform surface, it is convenient to carve out design and texture on its surface. Plastering smoothens the wall surface and overall gives an elegant and classy finish. With a smooth surface, it becomes easy to paint walls as well as apply wallpapers. The surface is less susceptible to cracks, fading, and weathering. As a result, the paints don’t frequently chip off and save money on frequent renovation

Improves overall thermal insulation 

This is one of the lesser-known facts about plastering but it contributes to an effective thermal insulation. It helps in improving energy efficiency and with its insulating properties, it creates a stable indoor environment and keeps the temperature stable. Hence, during summer, it keeps the indoor environment cooler as it prevents heat absorption. Also, it helps with better thermal insulation, it helps in creating a sustainable and greener environment. 

Works on controlling external aggressors

Plastered walls have better acoustic features, which cancel out the sound from the outdoors. Also, the plastering provides better insulation control for the homes. With plastering, it creates a pollution-free interior and reduces the surface from getting dusty and dirty. Also, it reduces the occurrence of cracks and leaves the surface impeccably smooth and finished.

Increases resistance to fire 

Plastering is an effective fire safety measure and works on a home’s longevity. It is found that homes that have good-quality plastering have higher fire resistance. For example, plastering material like gypsum is known to release water vapour upon its exposure to high temperatures. Hence, it reduces the spread of the fire and makes the home safer. Hence, plastered walls are a great way to create a safe and protective environment. It gives one to evacuate and move out during an event of fire. 

Easy and low maintenance 

Chipped or peeled plaster is often easy to renovate and repair with the help of a new layer of plastering. Plastered walls make the home manageable, easy to maintain, and offer the ultimate level of protection. In case of minor damage, the repairing is easy and less time-consuming. As compared to other types of wall finishing, plastering is quite cost-effective and maintains the overall home’s integrity. It helps in keeping the home’s condition good for a longer period of time. 

Taking care of the plastered walls for their longevity 

As plastered walls have the ability to stand the test of time, their longevity further amplifies taking proper care of the same. It’s a non-toxic and sustainable option that requires time-to-time maintenance to keep its value intact.

Look for cracks and repair them to prevent them from further expanding. Delaying to repair the cracks often widens the cracks and might destabilize the structure. Seek professional help to fill the gaps, get rid of the loose surfaces, and create uniformity. In the case of a plastered wall, it is best to use drills to create holes for hanging wall frames or painting.

Painting on plastered walls might also be a task and hence require professional help. For example, lime-based plastering has the tendency to absorb moisture, and hence, it might fail to retain. It is often recommended to add a thin coat of plaster before painting to ensure the wall paint adheres perfectly. Also, make sure that the surface is waterproof to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Summing up 

It is highly recommended to connect with professionals for the finest quality and craftsmanship for plastering. As it helps with the overall longevity and care for the homes, it is an invaluable addition to your home. Improve energy efficiency, durability and integrity of homes with the help of expert plastering service. It’s a cost-effective solution for homeowners and highly advisable to make a one-time investment in plastering service. Give your home endurance and strength to last long while creating a healthy indoor environment.

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