How Much Does It Cost To Paint The Exterior of a House in Auckland

The exterior of your home is the first impression for everyone who walks by or enters the doors. So, why not make it beautiful? A fresh coat of paint can change the overall look of your home and enhance its overall appearance. 

In Auckland, exterior painting costs differ in several ways compared to interior house painting. That is why it is important to understand the different aspects that directly impact the price range of your house project. 

Factors That Affect Painting Cost for Your Exterior

If you live in a place with harsh weather conditions, the chances are you need to redo your paint every 7 years. However, if you reside in a mild climate, one paint job can last for 15-20 years. The cost of exterior painting in Auckland can range between $5000 to $20000. Let’s look at some of the key factors that impact this cost range:

Size and Condition of Your House

The size of your house is one of the biggest factors in exterior house painting. The larger the surface area, the more time and resources it would take to paint. Moreover, the condition of your house also plays a vital role. 

If your house is old and requires repair and maintenance, then the cost of painting increases concerning the work required. This is because the old surface of the house would need to be stripped away and made ready so that new paint can settle in. This is especially necessary if your old house has flaky walls or there are cracks or holes in the wall. 

However, if your house has a good exterior and the cladding is in good condition, then it makes the painting job smooth, thereby reducing the cost of the entire paint job. 

Preparing Your Walls

The first step before painting the exterior of your home is proper prepping of the walls which adds to the overall cost. In case you are repainting the exterior of your house, then the preparation process will include water blasting your house, followed by scraping off the original paint. 

To ensure the paint stays on the wall, any issues need to be properly rectified. This may include filling holes and cracks in the walls, sealing the stains, and sanding your house’s surfaces. Since every house has different needs, therefore, you may need to do more or less prep work depending on the condition of your house.

Quality of Paint

The quality of the paint you choose significantly impacts the price of your house paint job. If you want good quality paint, it costs more than normal. Usually, the paint cost can range between $40 to $100 per gallon. It is usually recommended to use high-quality paint for your house since it increases the durability as well as the aesthetic appeal of the house. 

With good quality paint, you can receive numerous short-term as well as long-term benefits, like the prevention of moisture in your home. It also protects your house from mould, dust, and insects that can also cause damage. Therefore, high-quality paint will stand the test of time and strain and increase your house’s value. 

The cost of paint also increases depending on the number of coats on your exterior. If you are repainting the same colour, then one coat is enough to liven up your house. However, if you’re freshly painting or changing the colour, then two to three coats of paint are required to be applied after the primer coat for best results. 


The location of your house and surrounding also affects the cost of exterior painting. If the painters face difficulty reaching certain areas, such as high roofs or hard-to-reach spots, this can add extra time and cost to the project. 

Proper caution needs to be taken if your asbestos or rotten fascias need to be changed. In some instances, the power supply of the house also runs through the fascia. Therefore, if these are rotten, then changing them before painting is advised. But this can lead to additional charges. 

Cost of Painting Additional Features

The exterior of your house may also include your porch. On average, the cost of painting the extension of your living space can cost between $2500 to $5000. Sometimes, your house may have fascia boards typically found at the base of the roofline and the top of the exterior walls. An additional cost between $10-$20 per linear metre is required for these tasks.

Check out the table below to get an idea of the required cost for painting additional aspects of your home’s exterior:

Additional ItemsApproximate Cost Range
Door$70 – $350
Porches$500 – $2000
Shutters$150 – $800
Window sashes$100 – $200
Fascia$500 – $1000
Gutters and downspouts$200 – $800

Average Cost to Paint House Exterior

A two-story home can cost 40% more as compared to a one-story house. The areas that are harder to reach or require scaffolding also contribute to the increased cost of the painting job. According to the size of your home, the cost of painting the exterior of your home is as follows:

Size of HomeEstimated Square MetreTotal Cost Range
Single story100 – 150$4000 – $6000
Two story150 – 250$10000 – $16500
Three story250 – 300$18750 – $22500

Exterior Painting Cost Per Square Meter

The cost to paint the exterior of your house is calculated based on per square metre. Check out the below table to understand what the total cost of painting your house’s exterior would be:

Square Metre Approximate Total Painting Cost Per Square Metre
50$1500 – $2500 + GST
100$3000 – $5000 + GST
140$4200 – $7000 + GST
200$6000 – $10000 + GST
250$7500 – $12500 + GST
300$9000 – $15000 + GST
350$10500 – $175000 + GST


To sum it up, it is crucial to understand each factor and how it impacts the cost of painting the exterior of your house. Hiring professional painters can help you save time and reach your project’s ideal outcome. So, carefully evaluate your budget and elevate the look of your home.

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