Exterior Plaster Crack Repair Auckland

Crack Repairs in plaster clad houses are a very common problem. With movement and faulty materials used, cracks can create a big issue if not repaired properly. At Elite we have had decades of experience in crack repairs for plaster and textured houses.

If a crack is left untreated, this poses a large threat for future problems. This affects the water-tight capacity of the house, which eventually leads to the deterioration into leaky-house syndrome.

Other fixes such as filling a crack up with plaster or silicone sealant may seem simple, but are actually the wrong way of dealing with the problem. In the event of a crack, it is important that they be properly fixed – that is with experienced professionals and quality materials.

Here at Elite we have created a crack repair system with high movement capabilities and longstanding endurance, tested and honed over the years and among the leading in the market.

Elite Exteriors offers a 10year warranty with our in-house Crack Repair System.

Regarding Leaky Homes:

At elite we work with the best property inspectors in Auckland, to detect areas of moisture and possible leaks and find solutions to these leaky home problems before they descend to the need for a full re-cladding project of the building/home.