Exterior Plastering

At Elite we offer a whole range of ext. plastering services for your project/home. We are Licensed Building Practitioners in both Solid Plastering and PPCS Systems. Being licensed applicators to a wide number of systems we can offer you the perfect finish for your exterior plastering needs.

Licensed Applicator for:

  • Mineral Plaster Technologies Ltd
  • APCO
  • Plastabrick
  • Putztechnik
  • Dulux Acratex

Traditional Solid Plastering:

Over 20 years experience in traditional Solid Plastering. With exposure to traditional solid plastering from a very early age in his uncle’s construction company, Shafraz Shah (Director) has been amongst the leaders of this industry for the better part of his life. With Elite Exteriors and its predecessors, this has shown through the mastering of this aspect of exterior plastering – and his training and educating the future of the construction industry.

Substrates covered:

  • Block
  • Concrete
  • Monotek
  • Fibre Cement Sheets
  • Hebel Panels
  • Traditional Wire Mesh
  • EIFS (Polystyrene)