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When it comes to the look of your home or building, nothing is more important than a good paint job. With the right colours, finishes and preparation you can significantly increase the visual appeal and value of your home or building. We provide a full range of painting services for every part of your home or building, to make it look its best. You can count on us as members of the Master Painters Association to give you a skillfully executed job.

Our services Include:
● Exterior Painting
● Interior Painting
● Colour Consulting
● Roof Painting
● Concrete Floor Coatings
● Staining

Our painting team brings extensive technical knowledge to the job, on top of their painting skills. They will ensure the right products are being used, and in the right places. When it comes to products we only use the best. We generally source our paint from Resene or Dulux, both of whom we find to make high quality products.

One of the first things our painting team will address when they start a job is the preparation. This starts by identifying things such as gardens or art work that need special care taken with them. Then we move to protecting floors, decks etc from getting dirty or being damaged. Finally we move onto preparing the surface for painting. This is key to make sure the paint will adhere properly and look good.

In addition to looks, there is also the functionality of the paint to consider. One area we specialize in is applying elastomeric style paints onto plaster surfaces. This is not only decorative but also provides a waterproof membrane, integral to the longevity of the cladding. This is an example of why it is important to maintain the integrity of paint on your house or building. It is important to remember that the paint is an important part of the weather tightness of a building.

All our painting work comes with a 10 year warranty on workmanship and product.

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Professional Interior & Exterior Painting Services Auckland

From start to finish, we provide high-quality commercial or residential painting services to all our clients. Elite Exteriors has a solid team of professional House Painters in Auckland for your house painting needs. One of the major strengths of our painting services is the quality of our work. Whether it be exterior painting, both interior and exterior painting, full house painting or any custom property painting needed, our professional Auckland house painters are up for any painting job in Auckland city.

In the instance of a plaster-clad house, it is particularly important to keep your paint in good shape, as it is an integral part of the waterproofing system. Here at Elite Exteriors, we can establish a painting maintenance program to suit your house/cladding needs to ensure your house is kept water-tight and looking its best.

Our House Painting Services Include:

  • Interior Painting Services – Exemplary finishes with every coat, our interior painting specialists provide the best quality in colour, texture and type with an eco-friendly persuasion when it comes to your commercial or house painting needs.
  • Exterior Painting Services – Our teams of experienced painters understand how important it is to safeguard your investment from the throws of bad weather. So we ensure that the paints used can withstand the might of nature and keep your property safe from water damage and more.
  • Turnkey Property Painting Solutions – An economical and complete solution to all your paint encompassing needs. Elite exteriors provide painting solutions for your complete property and assets in Auckland. From the common areas, rooms, garage spaces, hallways, and any other space that requires some dash of colour, they all come under the umbrella of our turnkey painting solutions.
  • Commercial Property Painting Services
  • Residential Property Painting Services
  • Power washing

Reasons to Choose Us for Your House Painting Needs

  • Our exterior and interior painters in Auckland are highly experienced, with many of them working in the industry for well over a decade. This means that picking Elite Exteriors as the solution for your painting needs, gets you professional help, who knows what they are doing.
  • We offer some esoteric services like Awning removal and replacements, Exterior protective painting, painting decorating murals for artistic clients and more.
  • If we know anything, it’s PAINT. From the difference in texture, the blend, the density of the mix and which paint goes with which interior or exterior building material, our professionals have a keen understanding of all paint technologies to provide high quality house painting in Auckland..
  • Color consulting – Colour psychology is an important factor when establishing your home essence or building your brand from the ground up. The colours in and around your home or business have the power to attract or deter any guest, client or customer. This is why it is key to get the right colour and thus the right feel of your building or area being painted. Our colour experts and team of painters are famous for picking up the right palettes for different industries based on the nature of businesses in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Decades of experience in the construction industry begets wisdom and knowledge rarely found in the industry.

Elite Exteriors offers a warranty on the majority of our painting works.

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