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If you own a plaster house or building you will know that, like anything else, it requires maintenance. Sometimes this is as simple as cleaning and repainting the plaster cladding, but sometimes it takes a bit more work when the plaster system becomes compromised.

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This can happen when your building shifts and the plaster cladding cracks under stress; something smashes into the wall and breaks the cladding; or water gets in and damages the substrate or plaster, to name a few. While these are not necessarily serious issues, they need to be fixed by a professional to insure a proper and lasting fix. This is imperative for the weather tightness and integrity of the building. It is also important to get these issues fixed in a timely manner so that they don’t end up causing more problems with the building, such as water damage or pest infestations.


Some of our common repairs include:

● Crack Repairs
● Damaged plaster (ie garage wall bumped into by a car)
● Modifications made to building (ie new window installation)

Whether it be fixing cracks, repairing damaged plaster or fixing the substrate as well, we are equipped with modern technologies and techniques to remedy the problem. Our plastering team has experience with current plastering systems as well as older systems, which allows us to match textures and integrate new plaster into the old skillfully.

Our process starts with assessing the damage/work required. From here we come up with a solution. Once agreed upon, we begin by completing any work to the substrate that is required, then move onto the structural aspects of the plaster. Finally we complete the repair by matching the texture of the existing plaster, sealing, and painting (as required) it.

Our workmanship carries a 10 year warranty.

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Leaky Home Plaster Repair Auckland

Cracks in plaster clad houses are a very common problem in New Zealand. Whether it be from settling of the building or faulty materials used, cracks can create a big issue if not repaired properly. At Elite Exteriors we have decades of experience in exterior plaster crack repair for plaster and textured houses.

If plaster repairs in Auckland are ignored it poses a large threat to the integrity of the building. This affects the water-tight capacity of the house, which can eventually lead to the deterioration of the structural components of the building.

Other fixes such as filling a crack up with regular plaster or silicone sealant may seem simple but are actually the wrong way of dealing with the problem and only provide a very temporary solution.. In the event of a crack, they must be properly fixed – that is with experienced professionals and quality materials. We offer durable repairs with beautifully matched (to existing) finishes or textures. This is a key aspect of maintaining exterior plaster cladding and having a weather-tight house or building.

High-quality Exterior Finishes

Here at Elite Exteriors, we employ a crack repair system with high movement capabilities and long-standing endurance, tested and honed over the years, using the leading products on the market.

We offer a wide variety of exterior services such as plaster cladding implementation, which requires our specialists to use a range of techniques and products according to your specific requirements and budget; fixing cracks in plaster cladding; and weatherproofing your home or building. Knowing the first signs of a building in need of repair, Elite Exteriors uses high-quality products offered to you at affordable prices, make sure your building or home’s exteriors showcase the best version of you, your business or brand.

Elite Exteriors offers a 10 year warranty with our in-house Crack Repair System. We fix, repair, and stylise your home’s exterior with a plaster cladding finish that is long-lasting and durable enough to last even in the worst of weather conditions.

Regarding Leaky Homes

At Elite Exteriors, we work with the best property inspectors in Auckland, to detect areas of moisture and possible leaks, and find solutions to these leaky home problems before they become major issues. And not just that, we provide quality repair services for leaky homes. Our experts know just what to look for in a leaky home. The basic characteristics involve damp or rotting carpet or damage to the wall lining (most often gib).These can be indications of structural damage, hence why it is so important to stay on top of these issues. Where necessary we can perform invasive testing to assess the structural integrity of your building. This will consist of cutting small holes in the wall lining to visually inspect the framing. We will patch up these holes once any structural repairs have been completed or we are satisfied there is no structural damage.

For an extensive variety of plaster cladding, our specialists know all the techniques to repair cracks, and enhance your commercial or residential exterior.

Our Latest Projects

For Elite Exteriors quality is one of the most important aspects of the job, we have strong procedures and processes in place to ensure a high quality finish on a consistent basis.

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