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Here are Elite Exteriors, we deal with a wide variety of buildings, properties and their probable owners on an everyday basis. So we wouldn’t be bragging if we say, we know what our customers want from their property and how important a new property is to them. We also know how much work it takes to maintain a property in a way we can resell them. We hope that you are beginning to get convinced of our experience and therefore the expertise in the field. So, let our experienced team of property maintenance in Auckland take this burden off your shoulders. Book a property assessment with us and let us customize a maintenance plan specifically for your needs. We will  answer every question about your new property and address all the concerns about them too. Thus, you can be 100% confident that your entire property is taken care of.

These services include but are not limited to:

● Painting and Plastering
● Waterblasting
● Building repairs
● Deck repairs
● Fence repairs
● Joinery Replacement
● Minor Landscaping
● Flashings

We offer the option to set-up ongoing maintenance plans to keep your property in tiptop shape for years to come.

Here at Elite Exteriors, we understand that a house is one of the most important investments an individual makes in his life. However, to keep it in good condition, it is important to make sure that any little problems that may occur are fixed promptly, by the right people, and not let them grow into a bigger concern. We’ll help you find the right people to fix those problems

We do a thorough inspection of your house and offer a complete solution to keep your house sound, safe and weather-proofed. If there is a need for pest control or seasonal/weather-based insect-repelling services, we do have integration with contacts that offer such services at an affordable price range.

At Elite Exteriors we offer a full variety of building  maintenance services such as water-blasting, roof painting, deck repair/rejuvenation, replacement of rotting timber, fixing damaged walls and many others. Our services include any preventative or reactive measures taken to keep your property fully functional. We also offer a wide array of value-adding services.

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Our Property Maintenance Services Include:

Preventive Maintenance – We offer preventive property maintenance services  to both residential and commercial properties. We first assess your building, then offer suggestions as to repairs, and preventative measures to keep the building fully functional and operating at its best.

Risk-Based Maintenance – If you have a sort of shabby property that needs urgent care, we offer special property care packages that are focused on bringing your property back to its habitable state.

Repair Service – These are active building maintenance services such as replacing broken, worn out or faulty building components. Our handyman services at Elite Exteriors include repairs and/or replacement of building materials, composites, and components for any commercial or residential buildings.

Scheduled Servicing – Our staff are dedicated to keeping your property maintained and fully operational at all times. We offer custom maintenance plans to look after the ongoing, long term maintenance of your property.

Value-adding Property Maintenance Services – Adding value to your property is a concept we can all get behind. Our services range from upgrading components of your home to cleaning and gardening services, to redecorating and everything in between. If you’ve got an idea, we’ve got a way to make it happen.

At Elite Exteriors we understand that failing to do proper maintenance for a property can lead to anything from the property being devalued, to its inability loss of structural integrity. It is for this reason our home care specialists and property maintenance experts will take care of the smallest thing while getting the maintenance done. Our teams perform property maintenance with a dedication and efficiency that will not be usually found in and around Auckland. 

Knowing that every property requires some customized maintenance needs of its own, we can personalize a complete commercial property maintenance services program for your office that will keep your building in a ewell maintained state at all times. These include options such as regular inspections in a timely manner to fix any issue that may arise, before they become major concerns.

Let us help you to take the burden of maintaining the property off and help you preserve your home better.

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For Elite Exteriors quality is one of the most important aspects of the job, we have strong procedures and processes in place to ensure a high quality finish on a consistent basis.

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