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Elite Exteriors offers you all kinds of recladding and cladding experts in Auckland. From understanding the need for various cladding systems for various types of houses to executing the repairs efficiently, our specialists are dedicated to providing you with high-quality services for your cladding repair needs.

When you spot large cracks appearing in your cladding in your exterior plaster, it will inevitably become a weather tightness issue. The exterior cladding, or as it is often called, an envelope, is a protective layer of materials that separates a building’s interior and structure from the exterior elements, mostly rain.

Our cladding repair specialists know just how to identify these cracks and after years of experience they can form a structural repair plan after just one inspection. Most of our cladding experts here at Elite Exteriors have done these jobs numerous times all over Auckland, New Zealand. Any leaky home case that comes to us is usually a scenario we have dealt with before, and with that comes understanding and ease to do the job efficiently.

Our cladding repairs process in Auckland

Our cladding repairs usually start with an inspection of your property to understand the level of damage it might have already taken. The decision whether to repair the plaster cladding where it is damaged or to overhaul the process and do a full recladding is taken after the inspection is done.

Elite Exteriors is in contact with many building inspectors, Auckland Council building control inspection officers, who know the signs of cladding repairs being needed and upon a secondary inspection – if needed – a structural repair plan is created. Our cladding specialists then walk you through the whole process so you can understand the full scale of the repairs needed.

Our Latest Projects

For Elite Exteriors quality is one of the most important aspects of the job, we have strong procedures and processes in place to ensure a high quality finish on a consistent basis.

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