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As we all know, there is nothing worse than a leaky home or building. Here at Elite Exteriors we
take weather tightness very seriously, whether it be fixing an active leak or preventing a future
one. In either situation we will provide suitable remediation to achieve the best possible
outcome. With many years of experience in this field, our team will assess a building to look for
unexpected and unwanted moisture, possible entry points, and weak spots in the weather

In the event of an active leak, we will work on an immediate solution to stop any further damage to your building and then come up with a suitable long term fix.

Painting plays an important role in the weather tightness of a building. It is a vital layer of protection for the cladding materials, preventing them from deteriorating and losing their effectiveness.

When working on a house or building, we put an emphasis on preventative maintenance and remediation. It is quite common to find potential issues on older buildings (and unfortunately some newer ones) since building practices, codes, and standards have changed over the years.

This type of work often consists of installing new flashings, waterproofing systems, or, in the simplest cases, sealing joints between cladding materials and painting. Where applicable we follow the E2/AS1 Acceptable Solutions for remediation work on houses. These are situation based solutions that prevent us from having to completely rebuild sections of a house to bring it up to code and be confident in the weathertightness

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For Elite Exteriors quality is one of the most important aspects of the job, we have strong procedures and processes in place to ensure a high quality finish on a consistent basis.

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