Wall cladding is the most ideal way to protect the exterior wall of a building from weather adverse effects and other types of nuisances which may create a negative effect on the building. Cladding can be performed by giving extra layer protection to the wall of any material. It is also a great option for interior walls as well. 

Exterior wall cladding is an excellent method of fitting one material over another which will give an extra protective and elegant layer over the walls. Cladding is widely used to shield the wall from the negative effects of weather conditions like wind, sun, rain and snow. It gives an attractive appearance to both residential and commercial buildings. Below are the various types of exterior cladding materials which are available in the market.  

Wood Cladding- 

Wood cladding protects the structure and is also energy efficient because of its high insulation properties. The beautiful effect of the real wood can blend with any type of interior or exterior, therefore increasing the appearance of any building. This type of cladding gives a natural look and is durable if maintained properly.  

Stone Cladding- 

This type of cladding offers a natural appearance and adds a touch of elegance to any building wall. Stone cladding is highly appreciated for its fresh and natural appearance. It fits beautifully over the surface made of concrete or steel. 

Ceramic Cladding- 

Ceramic cladding is lightweight and requires less maintenance. It is available in varied designs, textures and prints which make it a popular option for architects. This material is highly durable, easy to maintain and provides complete protection from external weather conditions. If you are looking for cladding services,check out cladding repairs in Auckland. 

Concrete Cladding-

Concrete is an ideal choice for creating a modern and attractive appearance. This cost-effective cladding is light, easy to use and install. The concrete cladding can change the appearance of any building. With enhanced quality and technology, there will be an extensive collection of resources available for cladding in the upcoming future. For your building cladding repair services, choose recladding in auckland to get the issue fixed. 

Vinyl Cladding- 

Viny cladding is one of the most popular cladding options available in the market. It is commonly used in small construction projects like apartments, and residential buildings for waterproofing and aesthetic purposes. It may not look attractive as wooden cladding and other material cladding options but it costs less and is regarded as good value for money.

Fiber Cement Cladding-

Fiber Cement Cladding is made of sand, cement and other solid material which works as reinforcement. These claddings are widely used on the exterior walls of commercial, residential and industrial buildings.  

Fiber cement cladding is becoming highly popular because of its long-term durability and resistance to fire, bad weather, severe impact, and insects. This type of cladding is easy to install due to its lightweight characteristics, and once installed, it will less or no maintenance when exposed to extreme heat or dampness.

Aluminum Cladding-

Aluminium cladding is an ideal option for large commercial buildings. It is a lightweight material which is easy to install. This cladding is recyclable and will not degrade in quality in the process. It is a metal that can be easily formed into various shapes, sizes, and finishes. 

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