Property Maintenance Auckland

Here at Elite Exteriors, we understand that a house is the single most important investment to an individual. However, to keep it in good condition, it is important to make sure that from time to time any little problems that may occur are fixed promptly, by the right people.

We do a thorough inspection of your house and recommend necessary things that need to be addressed to keep your house sound, safe and weather-proofed. If there is a need for pest control or seasonal/weather-based insect-repelling services, we do have integration with contacts that offer such services at an affordable price range.

At Elite Exteriors we offer a full variety of maintenance services such as water-blasting, roof painting, deck repair/rejuvenation, replacement of rotting timber, fixing damaged walls and many others. Our services include any preventative or reactive measures taken to keep your property fully functional. We also offer a wide array of value-adding services.

Our Property Maintenance Services Include:

  • Preventive Maintenance – We offer preventive property maintenance services  by first assessing your building, then offering suggestions as to repairs, and preventative measures to keep the building fully functional and operating at its best.
  • Risk-Based Maintenance – If you have a derelict property that needs urgent care, we offer special property care packages that are focused on bringing your property back to its habitable state.
  • Repair Service – These are active building maintenance services such as replacing broken, worn out or faulty building components. These services include repairs and/or replacement of building materials, composites, and components for any commercial or residential buildings.
  • Scheduled Servicing – Our staff are dedicated to keeping your property maintained and fully operational at all times, We offer custom maintenance plans to look after the ongoing, long term maintenance of your property.
  • Value-adding Property Maintenance Services – Adding value to your property is a concept we can all get behind.  Our services range from upgrading components of your home to redecorating and everything in between.  When you’ve got an idea, we’ve got a way to make it happen.

At Elite Exteriors we understand that failing to do proper maintenance for a property can lead to anything from the property being devalued to loss of structural integrity. It is for this reason our home care specialists and maintenance staff take every aspect of this job very seriously. Our teams perform property maintenance in Auckland with a dedication that is rarely seen in the industry from other service providers.

Knowing that every property has some custom maintenance needs of its own, we can personalise a full property maintenance program for your house that will keep you up to date with all requirements at the appropriate times. These include options such as regular inspections to catch any issues that may arise, in a timely manner, before they become major problems.

Let us take the burden off you, and help you preserve your home.